Monday, November 22, 2010

Georgia May Jagger - unique and beautiful.

After she posed as the face of Rimmel - get the London look! - I remember being stunned by a Facebook group mocking the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger for her gapped teeth. Could it be jealousy, I wondered, or could it be that some people honestly look at Georgia and believe that her teeth make her ugly?

I have come to the conclusion that it is simple ignorance - there are many people who believe that models should all fit the same dull mould. They want models to be like human clothes-horses, with no individuality - just identical thin girls with neutral expressions; blank canvasses for clothes to hang on. But personally, I much prefer models with striking, distinctive features, who stand out and give the clothes they are wearing personality.

Look at people such as Kate Moss and Lily Cole - their unique beauty is what makes them special, and makes them such popular models. This is also true of Georgia May Jagger. Her trademark mouth, with her huge lips and gapped teeth, is part of what makes her so wonderful. Also, I must confess; I simply adore her modelling. The camera loves her, and she takes incredible photos - not to mention showing up at recent red carpet events in some fabulous outfits. The girl is one of my favourite models at the moment - I'm loving her photos for Hudson Jeans. You go, Georgia!

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